A Preacher decided to illustrate a sermon on some of the vices of life.

He pulled out from a small box, four large worms.

He placed the worms in glass jars. One worm was placed in a jar filled with alcohol. One was placed in a jar filled with cigarette smoke. One was placed in a jar full of chocolate. One was placed in a jar filled with moist, fertile soil.

At the end of his sermon the preacher pulled out each of the worms that had been placed in the glass jars.

Three of the four worms were dead. They had died in less than 40 minutes. The only worm still alive was the one who had been placed in the soil!

The Preacher proudly asked, “What did we learn today?”

There was silence for a few seconds and then a lady in the back of the church yelled out, “If you drink, smoke and eat too much chocolate you will never have worms!”

The real lesson to be learned is that if we compromise the planned purpose and destiny that God has designed for our life it may cost us everything!

A few years ago, Michael Vick , a star quarterback with the Atlanta Falcons, was charged and convicted of animal abuse, illegal dog fighting and betting on those dog fights.

He had his $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons voided and was forced to pay back $22 million to the team.

His willingness to compromise cost him his money, his job, his freedom and his respect.

There is a cost to compromise!

The Bible contains a story about a man named Samson.

God had great plans for him. He was to be a gifted leader for the nation of Israel.

Samson, sadly, became known for his compromise which cost him his destiny, his sight, his freedom, his respect and ultimately his life.

God was disgusted with the disobedience of Israel.

The Philistines were allowed by God to rule over them because of their sin.

God raised up Samson to lead Israel out of their bondage to the Philistines.

Samson had great physical strength but the Bible also revealed that he had a great spiritual weakness.

He had a colossal lapse in judgment that resulted in a huge moral compromise. 

Sometimes you go somewhere you shouldn’t go.

Samson went down to a Philistine city named Timnah. Why is that significant?

When you go to the wrong place, you will meet the wrong people. When you meet the wrong people, you will miss God’s best for your life. Not just sometimes, but every time.

Sometimes you look at something you shouldn’t have seen.

It’s all about where you’re shopping!

Samson sees a good-looking Philistine girl.

Maybe the Jewish girls weren’t as good-looking as Philistine girls. Maybe the Philistine girls dressed more provocatively.

We know they were raised in a sex charged culture. The Philistines had a fertility cult in their culture abounding with Temple prostitutes. Wives and girlfriends had to compete for the affections of their husbands and boyfriends.

Sometimes you take something you shouldn’t have taken.

Samson wanted to marry a girl he found in enemy territory.

Samson’s parents asked, “Can’t you find a nice girl here among your own people?”

Samson’s judgment was compromised.

Where does normal sexual desire end and lust begin?

There are 2 Key indicators:

1)   You quit listening to good advice such as the voice of God, your parents, your spouse, your Pastor or your friends.

2)   You become pre-occupied, and so focused that you become obsessed with something to the place that you compromise your judgment.

Samson never fulfilled God’s plan for his life.

God wanted so much more for Samson. God had so many more plans for him and much greater exploits.

Sometimes you lose something that you can’t afford to lose.

It was God who was the source of Samson’s power. Yours too, by the way!

The Bible says that Samson didn’t realize the Lord had left him. These are some of the saddest words in Scripture.

Sometimes we compromise one time too many! 

Samson was used to just shaking off his bondage. There was a time that he could do this. He continued to compromise, however, and ended up losing what he couldn’t afford to lose!

You can be blinded by your own sin. You can be blinded by your own strength. You can be blinded by your own desires.

What do you lose when you succumb to compromise?

You lose your fellowship with God.

You lose your potential.

You lose your respect.

You lose your reward.

How do you regaining control when you’ve lost it?

You call out to God.

You stay in the right place.

You enlist others to help you.

Some will lose their career.

Some will lose their family.

Some will lose their destiny.

Some will lose their life.

Don’t compromise!

Don’t let your life be marked by what you have lost!

Let your life be a testimony marked by what you have gained!

Today is a day to be free from compromise!

The cost is too high!

Pastor Tad Mathews


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