In the Book of Genesis we read that a man named Cain had a big problem with his brother Abel. He became so angry that he killed his brother!

Cain thought that no one saw his despicable deed. He thought he had gotten away with his sin. He thought that the lack of a body would serve to distance himself from Abel disappearance!

God told him, however, that He knew about his cover up. He then said these words to Cain, “I heard your brother’s blood crying out to me!”

The Bible declares that life is in the blood.

If there is no blood…. there is no life!

Blood oxygenates our bodies.

It carries nutrients, fights disease and discharges waste.

I knew the blood reached my limbs, organs, tissue and muscles.

I knew that blood reached my mouth.

But I didn’t know that the blood had a mouth!

I have a dog whistle on my iphone.

I can press a button and a sound is emitted but you can’t hear the frequency of the sound that is being emitted.

But while you would sit there like nothing is going on, my dogs ears will stand straight up because she hears what you can not hear.

When the blood cries out and God says He can hear the blood.

I speak to those of you who feel like you’ve been mistreated, been neglected and have been over run and overwhelmed.

I speak to those of you who have struggled and battled but feel like the devil is winning and has you down on the canvas and is counting to 3!

I speak to those of you who are fighting in for your relationships and those who are struggling with cancer.

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper!”

When you think you have been left behind. When you think that you have been left alone. When you think you have been forgotten.

You have an advocate!

You have a voice that speaks on your behalf!

It’s the blood!

Cain thought he had the last say, the final word.

He took his problem into his own hands and he thought he had settled his issue once and for all.

He killed his brother and now he could go on with his plans and his life. He figured he had gotten away with his murderous actions.

But the blood has the last word. The blood prevails. Thank God for the blood!

The blood of Jesus is stronger than cancer. The blood of Jesus is stronger than diabetes. The blood of Jesus is stronger than the afflictions of the flesh.

You can pray the blood of Jesus over your finances, over your church, over your marriage, over your children and over your house!

The blood speaks for you!

When I get in a battle or endure hardship I come out smelling like a rose! It’s all because of the blood!

The blood of Jesus can change your heart!

The blood of Jesus can make you spin around on a bar stool. It can cause you to walk away from an illicit lover’s arms. It can make you put down your dope. It can make you keep your promises. It can clean up your language.

When the devil comes after you…. You can plead the blood of Jesus!

When people talk bad about you…… plead the blood!

When you are spitefully used and abused..… plead the blood!

The blood will deliver you!

The blood will bring you out!

The blood will lift you up!

It’s hard for me to talk about the blood of Jesus and not feel better!

It’s hard for me to think about the blood of Jesus and not feel God’s strength!

There is power in the blood!

Would you be free from your burden of sin?

There is power in the blood!

There is wonder working power in the blood!

You don’t have to speak for yourself.

You don’t have to fight on your own.
You don’t have to go it alone.

The blood speaks for you, it strengthens you and undergirds you!

When Cain killed his brother and Abel’s blood spilled onto the ground, the ground had no voice. It had no ability to speak. It had no purpose in speaking….. until the blood touched it!

I remember the day when I was lost in my trespasses and sin.

I had no voice.

I was living on my own and in my own strength with no voice and no purpose.

But one afternoon in my preacher’s office, while sitting there with my dad, I opened up my mouth and confessed my sins and asked Jesus to come into my heart.

It was right then and there that the blood of Jesus touched me!

That which was dead came alive and he (me) who had no voice began to speak.

Out of my mouth came the confession of my soul and every since then the blood of Jesus began speaking for me. …. and now through me!

There is power in the blood!

The blood still speaks!



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